Prachi Tehlan – Actress & Former Indian Netball Team Captain

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Former India netball team captain, a corporate working professional and an actor.

The motive was to build the fan following and help increase popularity. The efforts started from her days of being captain of Indian Netball Team.

 Verified Facebook page with 3,00,000+ page likes
Twitter handle with 2500+ followers
Verified Instagram with 28,000+ followers


The biggest challenge was to build a fan following, Netball is not a popular game in India and targeting sports fan was important to build the following.



The solution was Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. We made her digital presence, target the people who love Netball via analysing the behaviour patter and the strategy worked.



Prachi Tehlan became a sensation on social media and got a genuine following which ultimately helped her to kick start a wonderful career in Indian Cinema.

Prachi Tehlan is now an actor, worked in Dia Aur Bati Hum and movie – Arjan. She is being aired on Star Plus Show Ikyawann


Verified Facebook page with 3,00,000+ page likes

High Engagement on Social Media

Verified Instagram account and 28000+ followers

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