7 reasons why your business failed or will fail in Digital Marketing

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You tried Digital Marketing and came to know that it is not useful for your brand! You must have committed one or more of the below-listed mistakes while leveraging digital marketing whether doing it in-house or working with a professional agency.

1. Don’t measure the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition):

Relevancy and measurability are one of the key advantages of digital media, yet a large number of business owners fail to define key metrics and don’t put relevant structure and tools to measure the progress and ROI of their digital campaigns.

Their entire focus of measurability is on increasing the reach regarding views and visitors only. While the reach is necessary, it’s not sufficient. Just Imagine if your website receives double the traffic of your competition but converts only half of your competitor – you would still be having lower returns. In addition to paying attention to enhancing your website’s reach, paying attention to the entire customer funnel is necessary to meet your ultimate objectives in digital media.

2. Believe that Digital Marketing belongs to Technology Department

Not realizing that the marketing head should own digital marketing as digital marketing is a part of overall marketing, a large number of startup founders take digital marketing as a piece of technology.

While digital marketing leverages technology, it’s still a marketing function. And expecting your technical team to make your digital marketing success is a road to failure. This problem is not limited to startups or small businesses only; even large corporations are also the victims of such maltreatment of digital marketing.

3. Thinks that outsourcing is their solution:

While digital marketing agencies have a significant role to play, thinking that they will take care of your end-to-end execution is one of the primary reason for a high failure rate of agency-client relationships. Interestingly, it’s even a larger problem in the case of big corporations, who outsource or used to outsourcing. You don’t need a digital a marketing agency to get results from digital marketing. All that you need is a dedicated professional team, who works as your own team irrespective of sitting in your office or not.

4. Hired a Digital Marketing professional/in-house team on your ignorance:

Hiring a digital marketing professional or in-house team without having clarity on overall digital marketing strategy and expected results, is not much different than outsourcing digital marketing responsibility to an external digital marketing agency.

5. Joining the Social Media Marketing race because everyone else is in it:

Like in other business functions, our decisions around where to begin and what to focus on in digital marketing are mostly influenced by what’s popular at present or what others are doing.

Social Media is popular nowadays so everyone should go for it…

This is not a sufficient reason for any business to invest in social media marketing. Your choice of a digital media platform should be based on your objectives, relevance, popularity and the target audience. For example- Social Media is more relevant for branding, while Search Engine Marketing may be more appropriate if lead generation is your primary objective.

6. Expect Overnight Success:

Fascinated by mind-blowing stats of digital marketing and ever growing number of internet based businesses, every organization who starts digital marketing believes that it’s a magical wand, which can improve their marketing and sales objectives overnight.

Digital marketing is a powerful tool to accelerate the growth of business, but a sustainable success in it usually takes few months if not more and this journey to success would involve few failures and many experiments. Digital Marketing practices such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) require a couple of months before a business before any substantial results. Expecting overnight results usually leads to giving-up on the not-so-visible but real progress campaigns, which would have produced desired objectives if given the optimum time.

7. Underestimate the value of good Content:

Digital marketing campaigns rely on the regular flow of high quality, relevant content to engage the audience, the requirement for which is highly underestimated by the majority of small businesses.

Facing the scarcity of quality content, either these businesses end up compromising on the quality of the content or giving up their digital marketing campaigns.

7 reasons why your business failed or will fail in Digital Marketing
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